Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Denver Fun and the Long Trip Home

On thanksgiving day we had much to be thankful for. We were in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains with our best friends Blake and Whitney Jackson.

Rachel made this beautiful, delicious turkey. It was only her second time to make one and it was awesome.
Whitney and I made this ham. We were pretty happy that we didn't mess it up. It was very delicious.

A couple days after thanksgiving we drove up toward Vail where all of the ski resorts are. The views were breathtaking. It snowed the whole way up and back. We stopped to take some pictures since the kids were all dressed up.

This is Whitney Jackson with Aubrie. Aren't they beautiful?

Blake Jackson, Caleb, Aubrie, and Reese at a Starbuck's near the Copper Ski Resort. We stopped there to get a good look at the snow falling outside and warm up with some coffee.

Caleb and Blake must have jumped 100 times before getting the picture they wanted.

Here are my little Christmas elves all dressed in their Santa suits. Aren't they precious?

My little Reese Elf will be two a week from today. It is amazing how time flies.

My little Aubrie Elf just hit the 6 month mark. She is such a wonderful baby and so much fun!

On our way home we had a little incident. We were only to Colorado Springs when our window was broken by a piece of ice, at least that is what we suspect. It was so scary. Especially because it was the driver's side window where Reese sits. No one was hurt, just startled. And 5 hours later we had a new window and were back on our way. We only got to Amarillo that night but we did eventually make it home safe and sound.